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Cloud Accounting, Transcending Borders With Innovation.

JDM provides cloud accounting, tax, and finance services to businesses and individuals across Canada and the United States.


Our Process

What sets JDM apart is our distinctive attribute of offering custom and comprehensive accounting solutions entirely remotely using innovative technologies, alongside our specialized expertise. Our streamlined process ensures efficient and reliable service, facilitating smooth onboarding regardless of your location. Our commitment to building lifelong partnerships ensures tailored support that meets your needs and instills confidence in your financial journey.


James David McHugh is a Chartered Professional Accountant licensed in Ontario, Canada. He is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant in California, United States. JDM specializes in cross border taxation and helps clients all across Canada and the United States.

JDM is a fully digital CPA firm. Everything is stored in the cloud. This allows us to work together regardless of your location.

Serving over 50 cities across Canada & the US

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