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Assurance Services


Instilling Confidence In Your Financial Records

Welcome to JDM Accounting's Assurance Services Page, where we lay the foundation for financial confidence. Explore our compilation services, a cornerstone in ensuring your records are not just numbers, but a testament to your business's success. Whether you're a growing startup seeking investor trust or an established business aiming for regulatory compliance, entrust JDM with your assurance needs. With meticulous expertise, we will compile your financial data into a valuable narrative that propels your business forward with credibility and integrity.


  • Compilation of financial statements without independent verification or assurance.

  • Organization and presentation of financial data.

  • Basic analysis of financial information.

  • Assistance with financial statement preparation.

  • Suitable when there is no assurance requirement, such as for internal use and informational purposes.


  • Limited scope examination of financial statements to assess the plausibility of financial statements.

  • Evaluation of financial data accuracy.

  • Identification of key financial trends.

  • Includes assessment of financial statements including accordance with reporting frameworks.

  • Summarized findings and recommendations.

  • Suitable when stakeholders require a moderate level of assurance on financial statements, such as privately held companies.


  • Thorough examination of financial statements with independent verification.

  • In-depth analysis of financial data, internal controls and supporting documentation.

  • Comprehensive review of accounting practices.

  • Identification of potential risks and areas for improvement.

  • Detailed reports on financial performance with auditor opinion on validity. 

  • Suitable when stakeholders require high level of assurance, such as large companies, entities seeking external financing, or those with regulatory requirements.

Custom Quote

Our pricing is influenced by factors such as the complexity of your situation and more. Through our discovery call and initial assessment, we'll gain insight into your needs, enabling us to provide a tailored quote.


As an independent CPA firm proudly holding our public accounting license, we are dedicated to providing expert assurance and enhancing the accessibility of assurance services for small to medium sized businesses in Ontario.

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