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Cross-Border Tax Planning

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The Rainbow Bridge spans the Niagara River and is a border crossing that joins Niagara Falls Ontario Canada to Niagara Falls New York USA.

Navigating Your Tax Needs Across Borders

Welcome to our Cross-Border Financial Hub, your gateway to tailored Cross-Border Tax Planning. Whether you're a Canadian tech start-up eyeing U.S. operations, a U.S. counterpart considering Canadian expansion, or a growing eCommerce business with cross-border sales, our services are crafted to navigate the complexities of cross-border finance. From asset acquisition and sale to addressing employment considerations, we're here to optimize your financial strategy. If you're an online entrepreneur or service-based business embracing a borderless environment, our expert team is dedicated to maximizing your returns. Welcome to a borderless financial experience.

Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Implementing domestic tax planning for both the US and Canada.

  • Addressing tax obligations for individuals filing in both countries (FBAR, T1135, etc.).

  • Tax compliance obligations and tax residency status for both US and Canada

  • Assistance in applying for a tax ID number.'

  • Evaluating tax implications due to immigration and emigration.

Cross-Border Real Estate Advising

  • Sale or rental of U.S. real property by Canadian owners, considering foreign tax credits.

  • Services related to the rental or sale of Canadian real estate by non-residents.

  • Canadian property disposition, involving Certificates of Compliance and non-resident tax returns.

  • Accounting for cross-border investment real estate.

Tax Preparation for Corporations & Individuals

  • Individual tax return preparation.

  • Corporate tax return preparation.

  • Partnership tax preparation for complex cross-border structures.

  • Trust tax preparation, addressing the complexities of foreign trusts.

  • FBAR and FATCA reporting for U.S. citizens and foreign financial accounts.

  • IRS streamlined filing program for taxpayers

Cross-Border Sales, Operations, and Expansion

  • Canadian corporations with sales in the United States.

  • US corporations with sales in Canada.

  • Managing cross-border hiring of remote employees and contractors.

  • Choosing entity structures for cross-border expansion.

  • Establishing foreign subsidiaries for operational presence.

Cross-Border Asset Management

  • ​Accounting for non-Canadian investment portfolios.

  • Handling the transfer of retirement assets into Canada.

  • U.S. estate/gift tax preparation for residents and non-U.S. citizens.

  • Services related to foreign asset reporting on Canadian tax returns.

Financial Strategies for Cross-Border Entities

  • Developing funding strategies (loan vs. equity) for entities operating abroad.

  • Managing intercompany charges, including royalties and management fees.

  • Facilitating the repatriation of cash and profits between US & Canada subsidiaries.

  • Advising on cross-border equity compensation plans.

Custom Quote

Our pricing is influenced by factors such as the complexity of your situation, objectives, identified cash-saving opportunities, and more. Through our discovery call and initial assessment, we'll gain insight into your needs, enabling us to provide a tailored quote.


As a boutique independent CPA firm proudly holding licenses in both countries, we are dedicated to providing expert cross-border advice, enhancing the accessibility of cross-border tax planning for small to medium sized businesses.

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